Learning in the digital age

May 05, 2014 to May 06, 2014
On 5-6 May 2014 EUNEC organized a seminar on the theme of learning in the digital age. About 30 experts and representatives of education councils from 13 European countries participated actively in this seminar.

The seminar focused on three main questions:

    What is the impact of the digital revolution on the profile of learners and on the nature of learning?
    What use could and should education make of the opportunities offered by the digital revolution?
    What provisions and requirements are needed at the level of content and curriculum development, at the level of professionalism of staff members, at the level of school infrastructure?

Marco Kools, OECD Analyst, presented the 'Innovative Learning Environments' project. Professor Demetrios Sampson focused on digital systems for opening up education. The European Commission presented the Communication on 'Opening up Education', and Spiros Borotis gave an insight in the results of the study 'Mapping and Analysing Prospective Technologies for Learning'.
The second day of the seminar was dedicated to a school visit. Participants were warmly welcomed by the director and the teachers of the 1st Experimental Junior High School of Athens.