About Eunec

EUNEC is the European Network of Education Councils. Education Councils advise the government of their country on education. Via EUNEC they exchange information on the education policy in their country and their viewpoints on the matter. They also want to determine common standpoints on the education policy of the European Union. Therefore, EUNEC organises meetings and produces statements you will find on this website. Read all about our Members’ programmes, priorities, publications.

Leen Van Heurck, secretary general of the Flemish Education Council (Vlor), is secretary general of EUNEC. Mirjam Van Leeuwen, secretary director of the Dutch Education Council (Onderwijsraad) is president of the network.

In 2014, EUNEC obtained an operating grant agreement for one year under the Erasmus+ programme, Key Action 3, Support for Policy Reform, Civil Society Cooperation in the field of education and training. From 2015, EUNEC activities are funded by member contributions.