Conference on new skills for new jobs. Challenges for VET in the 21st century'

October 24, 2011 to October 26, 2011
The conference on ‘New skills for new jobs. Challenges for VET in the 21st century’ took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on 24-26 October 2011. 80 participants, coming from 15 different European countries and representing their national/regional education council, participated at the seminar.

All participants adopted statements on the subject.
EUNEC welcomes the analysis made in the reference frameworks of the EU and welcomes the actions proposed in the flagship initiative ‘New skills for new jobs’. EUNEC wants to highlight developments over recent years that need to be better integrated into European initiatives.
EUNEC considers VET in the midst of social turbulence, in a context of encompassing and deep rooted structural changes in the economic and political environment. In this context, raising the sense of purpose of VET is very important. Motivation and passion are essential for a successful VET learning path. VET should no longer be presented as a deficit model, but should provide a competence-building learning environment and a positive career option. VET has to be strengthened from a lifelong and inclusive perspective.
Teachers are a critical factor in the success of VET, as well as the fact that school will have to work together with the broader community.