CEE (Consejo Escolar del Estado) - Spain

The CEE - Consejo Escolar del Estado - is the national education council in Spain.
The State School Council is the body for the participation of the sectors most directly related to the world of education. It was created with the Organic Law regulating the right to education in 1985. Its scope extends to the whole of Spain. The Council also carries out consultative, advisory and proposal work for the Government in relation to the different aspects of the education system.

Its members issue opinions on draft regulations on educational matters, which have to be approved by Parliament, the Government or by the head of the Ministry of Education. It also approves, for each school year, the Report on the state of the education system, which includes proposals for improving education that are endorsed by its members. On the other hand, the State School Council integrates the territorial participation of the different Autonomous School Councils through the Participation Board, made up of the respective presidents and chaired by the President of the State School Council.


+ 34 91 595 31 00

Contact person:
Carmen Martínez Urtasun
Secretaria General
Consejo Escolar del Estado
C/ San Bernardo, 49 - 2ª planta
28015 – Madrid
Tfnos: 91 595 3116 / 91 595 3114