Education Councils in the EU. Balancing expertise, societal advice and political control in the production of policy advice'


At the occasion of its tenth anniversary, EUNEC published the study ‘Education councils in Europe. Balancing expertise, societal input and political control in the production of policy advice’, executed by the Public Management Institute under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Marleen Brans and Drs. Jan Van Damme. J.M. Barroso, President of the European Commission wrote a preface for this publication. Important parts of the study have been translated in French.

In the margins of this study, the research team developed a self evaluation tool for education councils (in English, in French and in Dutch).

This study was presented during an international conference on ‘Participation and stakeholder involvement in education policy making’ on 1,2 and 3 December in Brussels.

Jan Van Damme, Marleen Brans and Ellen Fobé published an article based on this research in the Halduskultuur- Administrative Culture 12 (2), 126 – 145/