Onderwijsraad - Netherlands

The 'Onderwijsraad' is the education council in the Netherlands.
The Education Council is an independent governmental advisory body which advises the Minister, Parliament and local authorities. The Council provides advice, both solicited and unsolicited, to the Minister of Education, Sciences and Cultural Affairs and the Minister of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality. Moreover, the Council may be asked for advice by the Dutch upper and lower chambers of parliament. Local authorities can call on the Education Council in special cases of local education policy. The Education Council Act (of 15 May 1997, Statute Book 220) describes the Council's task in more detail.

+31 70 31 00 004

Contact person: Adrie Van der Rest (a.v.d.rest@onderwijsraad.nl)

Nassaulaan 6, 2514 's Gravenhage

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