LST (Lietuvos Svietimo Taryba) - Lithuania

The LST - Lietuvos Svietimo Taryba - is the education council in Lithuania.

The LST mobilizes the education community, parents and students’ representatives, business associations, trade unions, delegates of Parliament and Government. It aims to shape effective public policy and foster high-quality practice. As the major advising association to the President, Parliament and Government, its strength lies in the diverse membership and expertise in Lithuania and abroad.

The engagement of various stakeholders is essential in order to cater for the implementation of high-quality education. This overview focuses on the role and diversity of internal and external education stakeholders in Lithuania.

Mrs. Saulė Mačiukaitė-Žvinienė, Professor at Vilnius University, is Chair of the Lithuanian National Council of Education.
Mr. Dainius Žvirdauskas, President of the Lithuanian Association of School Principals, is Deputy Chair of the Lithuanian National Council of Education

Contact Person:
Mrs. Deimantė Žegunė - Advisor at the Parliament of Lithuania. She is Council Secretary at the Lithuanian National Council of Education
+ 370 5 239 6791
Gedimino pr. 53, LT-01109 Vilnius, Lithuania (Office of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania)