Institute of Educational Sciences (IES) - Romania

The Institute of Educational Sciences (Romania) is the national research authority having the status of an autonomous body, within the Ministry of Education and Research. Its policy is oriented toward implementing the provisos of the education law and other ministry regulations, by the means of research, teachers training, field enquiries and system evaluation. The studies conducted in the network of school units, school inspectorates, coordinating agencies result in justification documents and alternative proposals designed to improve the quality of the secondary education and to level with the communitarian undertakings in the field. The organization is open to partnership with training providers, market-oriented institutions, universities and research bodies, both national and transnational-wide. Presently, within the Institute of Educational Sciences of several structures as National Council for Curriculum, Euroguidance Romania and National Observatory. Partners will participate in the development of the Portfolio’s of Evidence, piloting developed tool, disseminate and exploitation the project results in Romania.

Contact person: Magdalena Balica (
tel/fax: 0213158705

37, Stirbei Voda street, Bucharest 70732, Romania