Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes, Malta

The Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes within the Directorate for Quality and Standards in Education, Ministry for Education and Employment is the local, central organization which is responsible for all the curriculum aspects of the state sector in Malta. The Department is made up of about 50 Education Officers who are the curricular experts for the different subjects taught in primary and secondary schools. Their role is to provide profesional support to teachers through regular visits in classes, to provide professional training to teachers during annual inset courses organized by the Department and to set national annual examination papers. The Department has been pivotal in the formulation of the National Curriculum Framework (2012) and in its current implementation. The implementation process is presently being coordinate through the formulation of a Learning Outcomes Framework for all the learning areas and cross-curricular themes, and a Learning and Assessement Programme for all the subjects. The Deparment is a major stakeholder in the national committees which are overseeing the implementation of the curriculum framework, namely the National Curriculum Framework Review Implementation board and the Learning Outcomes Framework board. The Department plays an advisory role in the policy making process as discussed in these boards and at other meetings coordinated by the Ministry for Education and Employment (
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Contact person: Gaetano Bugeja, director (