Conseil Supérieur de l'Education - Québec

The mission of the Conseil, as defined by the Act Respecting the Conseil supérieur de l'éducation, comprises a range of responsibilities and powers. The role of the Conseil is to advise the Minister of Education and Higher Education on any education-related issues and must, at least every two years, prepare a report for the Minister on the state and needs of education.
In exercising its role, the Conseil may:
• prepare briefs or give its opinion to the Minister on any education-related issues;
• seek or welcome requests, advice and suggestions on any education-related issues from organizations or groups as well as the general public;
• conduct or commission studies and research which it deems useful or necessary for the exercising of its functions.

An independent body separate from the Ministère de l’Éducation and the Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur, the Conseil may decide on the topics and themes of its briefs and reports on the state and needs of education, and determine when and how they are made public in accordance with its internal regulations. The Conseil is a body for consultation and critical analysis within a framework of democratic institutions and at arm’s length from pressure groups.

Challenges and Strategic Direction for 2018-2022
The Conseil intends to become a leading authority and modernized body that sets and shares a comprehensive, integrated and evolving vision of education in Québec. To do so, the Conseil has adopted a new 2018-2022 Strategic Plan outlining four key directions and eight targets for the upcoming years.
Since its adoption, the Conseil has proposed a variety of measures to broaden its sphere of influence on the legislative process and decision-making bodies. The Conseil exercises its influence partly through its readership and target public with the aim of expanding the dissemination and popularization of its work. The Conseil is thus very focused on ensuring successful ownership by relevant stakeholders of published content. It strives for a greater visibility to better communicate its work and to do so is seeking to diversify the channels for disseminating its briefs. It also intends to develop a new form of governance in light of its recent organizational expansion. In short, the Conseil sees its influence, reach and development as the primary drivers of its activities.

Member Appointment Process
The Conseil supérieur de l’éducation is comprised of 22 members – including its President – representing the field of education and other sectors of Québec society.
These members are appointed by the Government following consultation with associations or organizations that are most representative of students, parents, teachers, professors, school, college and university administrators and socio-economic groups. The Deputy Minister of Education and Higher Education or his or her substitute is ex officio associate member, but is not entitled to vote.

Telephone: 418 643-3850
Contact Person: Maryse Lassonde, President
1175, avenue Lavigerie, bureau 180, Québec (Québec) G1V 5B2

Current activities (Available in French only):

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