CNE - Portugal

The CNE - Conselho Nacional de Educaçao - is the national education council in Portugal. It is an organization, with advisory functions, of which the President is elected by Assembly of the Republic.

The CNE is responsable to issue opinions, statements and recommendations about all educational issues, at its own initiative or on request that may be proposed by the Gorvernment or Assembly of the Republic.

The CNE promotes the participation of various social forces, cultural and economic, contibuting to the social dialogue and consensus-building on Education.
+351 21 797 90 93

Contact person: Manuel Miguéns (

Rua Florbela Espanca, 1700-195 Lisboa

Recommendations 2017

Advice 1/2017
Advice on students with special educational needs in Higher Education

Advice 3/2017
Advice on Access to Higher Education

Advice 4/2017
Advice on Student Profile for the 21st Century
Technical Report – Student Profile - Competencies for the 21st Century

Recommendations 2016

Advice 1/2016
The teaching condition and educational policies
Technical Report - The teaching condition: contributions to a reflection

Advice 2/2016
Advice on assessment of learning and achievement of final exams in basic Education

Advice 4/2016
Advice on initial training of educators and teachers and access to the profession
Technical Report: Initial training of educators and teachers and access to the profession

Advice 5/2016
Advice on Organization of school and promotion of school success