Promoting citizenship and common values through education

March 08, 2018 to March 09, 2018
This seminar was hosted by the colleagues from the CNE (Portuguese Education Council), and took place in Lisbon, on 1 and 2 March 2018. About 50 persons (education stakeholders, experts and policy makers), coming from 13 countries, participated at this event. The link between education and citizenship has always been prominently present in the work of EUNEC. The interest of EUNEC in the theme goes back as early as in 2003/2004 in The Hague. At this moment, the theme of citizenship education is, again, very prominent on the education policy agenda, after the terrorist attacks, and the raise of new populist parties in many countries, and the polarisation of the political debate the last few years. Within Europe, the discussion is vivid, and education is facing new challenges, given the context of a number of societal disruptions. Reasons enough for the EUNEC general assembly to decide to organize this meeting, with specific focus on how citizenship can be promoted through education.