Making education more inclusive

May 18, 2017 to May 19, 2017
On 18 and 19 May 2017, EUNEC organized a seminar on 'Making education more inclusive', hosted by the Institute of Education Sciences, Bucharest. Participants from 13 countries, experts and stakeholders in education and training, shared experiences. The stage was set by Luminita Costache, Education specialist, UNICEF Romania; by Professor Mark M. Alter, professor of Educational Psychology, New York University and by Paula Frederica Hunt, Inclusive Education Consultant at the UNICEF Central and Eastern Europe and Commonwealth of Independent States Regional Office (CEE/CIS). Then participants had the opportunity to visit school number one in Bucharest city centre. The second day of the seminar was dedicated to debate, after input from EUNEC members from Romania, Portugal and Lithuania. During this seminar, we wanted to make a state of the art of policy concepts underpinning education for children with disabilities. There has been a clear evolution in those policy concepts during the last 50 years. This evolution is the result of a radical change in the way we look at the place of people with disabilities in society.