Learning for wellbeing

February 27, 2012
EUNEC participated in the launch conference on Learning for Well Being: a policy priority for children and youth in Europe – a movement for change. The conference was organized by the Learning for well-being Consortium of Foundations, in partnership with Eurochild, the European Foundation Centre and the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

The conference aimed to promote a holistic learning experience, with active engagement of participants and launched/discussed a new policy glossary and underlying principles of learning for well-being, as part of an attempt to broaden and mainstream the campaign.
The key components of the learning for well-being framework are:
¬ building on each child’s unique potential
¬ respect for inner diversity
¬ focus on nature and quality of relationships
¬ participation of children and youth
¬ consider the whole person, process and system.
The consortium launched its policy glossary ‘Learning for Well-being; A Policy Priority for Children & Youth in Europe’.
More information about this conference and presentations at http://www.eiesp.org/site/pages/view/80-learning-for-well-being-conferen....