World Development Report: Learning to Realize Education’s Promise

The report examines four themes:
 The promise of education;
 The need to shed light on learning;
 How schools do good work for learners;
 How systems work for learning.

The report makes a distinction between 'schooling' and 'learning; and the report states that 'schooling' without 'learning' is not only a missed opportunity, but a major injustice.
The report talks about a 'learning crisis', with three important dimensions:
 A first dimension is the weak learning results themselves: low levels, high inequality, slow progress;
 A second dimension lies with the immediate causes: children are not prepared to learn; teachers are often not sufficiently competent or motivated to teach efficiently; input often does not reach the classroom, and thus has an effect on learning; Finally, weak management and weak governance undermine the quality of schools. Schools are failing learners.
 A third dimension involves deeper systemic causes. Systems are failing schools.

Three policy actions are proposed to tackle this crisis:
 Assess learning, make it a serious goal;
 Act on evidence, to make schools 'work' for all learners;
 Align the actors to make the whole system 'work' for learning.