Education at a glance interim report: Update of employment and educational attainment indicators

This interim report presents data on three major topics:
 Educational attainment: to what levels have adults studied?
Main conclusions:
• One in six younger adults have not reached upper secondary;
• Lower proportion of older adults have tertiary credentials;
• Larger proportion of young men with lower qualifications in comparison with young women;
• Proportion of younger adults with tertiary education increased in all countries (2000-2013).
 Labour market outcomes: how does educational attainment affect participation in the labour market?
Main conclusions:
• Employment rates increase with education in all countries;
• More tertiary educated young men are employed but more women have tertiary credentials;
• Small gap in unemployment for tertiary educated men and women;
• The gender gap widens among young adults with low qualification;
• Higher employment rates for vocational qualifications among upper secondary education.
 Transition from school to work: where are the 15-29 year-olds?
• Almost one in five 20-24 years-old is NEET;
• 30 % of the employed 15-29 years-old not in education are not working full time.