Work programme of the European Commission: Delivering on promises and preparing for the future

The Commission Work Programme consists of a political Communication and five annexes.
 Annex I includes the key initiatives to be presented in the year ahead, which focus on concrete actions to implement the ten political priorities of the Juncker Commission and actions and initiatives that have a more forward-looking perspective, as the new Union of 27 shapes its own future for 2025 and beyond;
 Annex II contains 'REFIT' initiatives (REFIT is the European Commission's Regulatory Fitness and Performance programme. Its objective is to review the existing stock of EU legislation to ensure it remains fit for purpose and delivers the results intended.)
 Annex III lists the priority pending legislative files where the Commission wants the co-legislators in the European Parliament and Council to take swift action ahead of the European elections;
 Annex IV contains a list of intended withdrawals of pending proposals;
 Annex V contains a list of existing legislation which the Commission intends to repeal.