Romanian Presidency of the EU

The Romanian Presidency will aim at strengthening the European identity through education and culture, and at advancing high-quality, inclusive education, paying special attention to key-skills learning, acquired in a lifelong learning process.
Learning mobility is one of the most important tools that contributes to the development of professional competences and skills, as well as to increasing employment opportunities. The Presidency will continue discussions on the proposal for a Regulation on the Erasmus+ Programme, with a view to agreeing a programme that favours inclusion and that will contribute to increasing the mobility of pupils, student, teachers and administrative staff, as well as to promoting European values through education. A special attention will be given to establishing and developing European universities’ networks and centres of excellence in vocational and technical education.
At the same time, one of the files that will be subject to debate concerns the proposal for a Council Recommendation on high-quality early childhood education and care systems, with the objective of its adoption, emphasising the importance of early education and care services for strengthening inclusion and cohesion, as well as the European dimension and the integration of families and children from third countries. Through this Recommendation, Member States will be supported in their efforts to improve the accessibility and quality of the early education and care systems.
Regarding the contribution of education to the European Union’s cohesion and competitiveness, the Romanian Presidency will act to reach a consensus of the ministers of education on the Council Recommendation on a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning. Foreign-language learning may be stimulated by the use of digital tools, aiming to increase pupils’, students’ and staff mobility and developing an inclusive cultural environment.

The Romanian Presidency is part of the trio Romania (January-June 2019) – Finland (July-December 2019) – Croatia (January-June 2020).