The Portuguese Presidency of the EU

The Portuguese presidency of the Council of the EU focuses on bringing the EU through the COVID-19 pandemic. It promotes a vision of the EU that is innovative, looks to the future and is based on common values of solidarity, convergence and cohesion.

In the field of education and training
The Presidency stresses the importance of lifelong learning, qualifications and recognition of competences, innovative teaching methods, inclusion and citizenship.
The Presidency pleads for the importance of inclusive access to education and training, and creating the conditions for equal opportunities and success. Discussions will be held on digital education, distance education and hybrid education.
In this context, the Presidency continues the work on the achievement of the European Education Area (EEA) by 2025, the development of a strategic framework for European cooperation in the field of education and training, initiatives in the framework of the new skills agenda for Europe and the new Action Plan for Digital Education.
The Presidency gives priority to the launch of the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps, in Viana do Castelo in June 2021.