The digital education hub

As announced in the 2020 Communication on the Digital Education Action Plan, the European Digital Education Hub will
• Support European Union (EU) Member States by setting up a network of national advisory services on digital education to exchange experience and good practice on the enabling factors for digital education.
• Link national and regional digital education initiatives and strategies, and connect national authorities, the private sector, experts, education and training providers and civil society through various activities.
• Monitor the implementation of the Action Plan and the development of digital education in Europe, including through results from EU-supported projects.
• Share best practices by contributing to research experimentation and the systematic collection and analysis of empirical evidence, in part through peer learning.
• Support cross-sector collaboration and new models for the seamless exchange of digital learning content addressing issues, such as interoperability, quality assurance, environmental sustainability, accessibility and inclusion and EU common standards for digital education.
• Support the agile development of policy and practice by acting as a ‘think-and-do-tank’ for digital education and engaging stakeholders in user-driven innovation through the Digital Education Hackathon
How will these objectives be achieved
• A community for cooperation on digital education;
• A network of National Advisory Services (NAS) for cooperating on the implementation of digital education polices;
• A new Support, Advanced Learning and Training Opportunities (SALTO) resource centre for digital education;
• Opportunities for proposing solutions to digital education issues through the Digital Education Hackathon.