Council conclusions on entrepreneurship in education and training

The conclusions are in line with the June European Council’s call to ‘promote a climate of entrepreneurship and job creation’ in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy.
The Council invites the Member States to
 Encourage the development of a coordinated approach to entrepreneurship education;
 Promote the inclusion of entrepreneurial skills and competences in initial teacher/trainer education programmes and in continuous professional development;
 Encourage synergies between entrepreneurship education and training and career guidance;
 Promote and support student venture initiatives;
 Facilitate and stimulate the involvement of entrepreneurs in the learning process;
 Make use of graduate tracking information;
 Promote practical entrepreneurial experiences;
 Note the work done by the Thematic Working Group on Entrepreneurship Education.
Next, the conclusion also contain specific actions to be taken with regard to Higher Education, schools, VET and adult learning.
The conclusions invite the Member States and the Commission to explore the feasibility and usefulness of developing a guiding reference framework for the entrepreneurship key competence.