New EUNEC publication: 'Education Councils in Europe. Going beyond the tensions'

EUNEC was officially launched in 2000 during a meeting of representatives of Education Councils in Lisbon, after preparatory meetings in Tomar (1997) and Bruges (1998).

The publication includes contributions by ten EUNEC members, from the EU, Morocco and Quebec. The articles reflect a perspective of the history, the role, the relevance and the future of Education Councils in the context of the policy making processes, including the relationships with Parliament, Government, and civil society. In a way, they demonstrate the relevance of structured and institutional consultation in the decision making processes concerning education policies.
An academic chapter has been written by Prof. Dr. Marleen Brans and Dr. Ellen Fobé: ‘Critical boundary actors bridging the worlds of policy, science, practice and society’. Manuel Miguéns, EUNEC president, and Mia Douterlungne, EUNEC secretary general, wrote the introduction