Exchanges on teacher supply: Irish Teaching Council

In the first EUNEC digital exchange on teacher supply, the Irish Teaching Council presented "Teacher Workforce Planning: The Irish Experience".

The challenge of ensuring that there is an adequate supply of suitably qualified and experienced teachers to meet the diverse needs of pupils, learners, children, young people and students is multi-faceted and the experience and approaches of each country will be grounded in individual contexts, social, political and economic. In Ireland the Teaching Council has a legislative obligation in relation to teaching supply and in this presentation they set out the nature and extent of this obligation and examined how they seek to enable and support the system. In so doing they work closely with the Department of Education, the Department of Further Higher Education Research Innovation and Science and other stakeholders such as Oide, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment, Schools Inspectorate. They also engage with school management bodies, teacher representative organisations, parents and student representative organisations and wider community organisations.