EUNEC recommendations on 'Erasmus for all'

The ‘Erasmus for all’ programme has to become the foundation of the ambitious goal to enhance the mobility of learners, in compulsory education, higher education, adult education and vocational education and training. The Commission also aims a bigger impact of the programmes on innovation in educational systems, as well as a stronger link with the European educational benchmarks. For these reasons, a stronger emphasis is put on learners and teachers/trainers who can generate a multiplying effect.
The new programme has to be more effective en more manageable. At the same time, the administrative barriers for the applicants have to be tackled.

In the present recommendations EUNEC reflects on the name of the programme, on its field of application, on the objective of mobility and on the social conditions. EUNEC also expresses questions about the budget and the management of the new programme and about the proposed timing.